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  • Result for class (VI-XI) will be declared on 24.03.2018
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To enhance the practical learning experience of students, the school boasts of a large number of modern laboratories for various subjects as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. All labs are well-equipped with required apparatus and gadgets, to encourage students to make their own inventions and discoveries.


The Physics lab is equipped with state-of-the-art apparatus for various experiments and projects. From elementary to the most sophisticated, all kinds of experiments kinds of experiments can be performed in this lab.


The Chemistry lab is well equipped with apparatus and sufficiently stocked with chemicals to perform various experiments as prescribed by the CBSE. Separate larders for storing chemicals and work tables fitted with acid proof tiles, ensure maximum safety of the students.


The unique design of the Biology lab and the vast collection of specimens make it the perfect space for group as well as individual activity.


With the aim to generate excitement about the subject and remove Math phobia, the Maths lab houses interesting puzzles and games which help students understand difficult concepts and verify, discover and reinforce concepts already learnt. Here, students verify geometrical theorems using Tangrams, Jodo sticks and by creating 3-D figures. Such activities boost the confidence of students and develop a positive approach towards learning Mathematics.


The school has two fully air conditioned computer labs, equipped with adequate number of terminals with latest configuration and internet connectivity, facilitating both students and teachers in making projects and assignments. Professionally trained staff guide the students during classes and projects. The computer labs also provide support to academic programmes requiring professional video, modeling, and animation and recording facilities.

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